Be it with us or any other network marketing company, the FIRST thing you should do is listen, review and study the company profile for stability, products for sale-ability and marketing plan for the do-ability of its system. Make sure that the person presenting the business is an active UNO member or else you will miss important updates, facts and might even have a misinformed decision.

SECOND. You must have a sponsor. The sponsor is the one who presented the business to you. You cannot join the group if nobody invited you to join and nobody waves to be your sponsor. The sponsor is important because he or she will guide you in doing the business.

THIRD. Purchase a product package worth Php 7, 450. oo (pesos) or $195.00 for local package. $290.00 (US dollars) for international package. The product package will be delivered and the instructions will be given to open your business website.

Contact us at and indicate on the subject line RSV.

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