Yes po, first time ko.

I am a new blood in network marketing, which means, just like you–yes exactly like you–I too had wondered the same thing too. Oh sorry, i meant things, because it’s plural. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, a lot of things crosses our mind especially if we’re first timers. And we felt like there are so many things to do and what to do first, and next and so on. And it could be exhausting…especially if you don’t listen.

So step 1, for the beginners, LISTEN. By joining UNO, you have taken the first step to achieving your own personal goals. And since they are goals, we want to achieve them as soon as possible. ย But remember, your new, and moreover, this is your first networking experience and if you to succeed, you’ll find that the first and the BEST thing to do is to LISTEN. To whom? To your sponsor, your uplines. WHY? Because they want nothing else but for you to prosper and develop. (I will elaborate more about this on the following blog posts)

Step 2,ย , How much you earn is based on how much you have learned. “Lahat ng bagay kahit gaano kahirap, basta kabisado ay madali. At lahat ng bagay kahit gaano kadali ay mahirap kapag di kinabisado.” And that’s true. First things first, you must learn. Networking is a business and at the same time a career. Trust us, there are still many things you must learn aside from the 5 Fingers or USO or Marketing Plan or FSO. These should be your focus during your first three months in the Business.

Step 3, Use the products. Come one men, the products are GLOBAL Brand AWARDEES. Some people think that because it’s a Networking product, then its low class. Well that could be true, but certainly not UNO PRODUCTS. And besides, this is your business now. These are your products. It would be wrong to see the owner of Colgate toothpaste using Hapee toothpaste because it’s cheap. That would be like a crime. Love your products and the products will love you back, first to the result of your skin and next, of your wallet.

Step 4. Well, to keep it simple, let us just first stop in Step 3. ๐Ÿ™‚

But to sum it all up, the 3 months is your beginning stage. Adjustment stage. Learning stage. This this is a fun stage. Because here will be your first in everything and…trust me, it is fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

In UNO, you not only earn, your learn, and at the same you can’t help but ENJOY!


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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." This site dedicated to the adventures i have been in this beautiful lifetime

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