Different people have different reasons why they stayed. And forgive me if i won’t  tell you all the reasons why I did. Not because i want all my articles to be short–though that is undeniable one of the reasons–but because there are things no matter how rich and creatively they are told, can only be understood it when in the same page. Or in this case, you’ll fully grasp it when you’re a Networker.

Thus, i will share the things all can relate too, just to be fair. 🙂

Firstly, though this is not in chronological order, i stayed because i have fun. It relieves me from the stress of work or personal matters. Meeting people and knowing them and conversing with them lightens me up, and it makes me happy. For me, Networking is really not a job, a task or duty, it’s something you have been doing all your life, just with the added benefit of earning.

Next, i stayed because it made me realize things. Things that are realistic and practical and important. And it reminded me that there is more to life than the ordinary. That i am not limited to the what my job is paying me for. It taught me so many things that the thought of not being part of the business, honestly, scared me. I would have done the same of stuffs over and over and over again until i would suddenly be…never mind. You get the thought right? 🙂

Also, i stayed because i earned. Though not much at first, but what did i do for earning it? Doing the job in a time i choose. Getting to know people. Make people use the products that am using. I mean, come on, is that even a job? Even if i’m not in UNO, i am already doing it all the same.

I stayed because I understood. And i think this is the key reason why everybody remains. They understood. Though my understanding did not come in one snap, in one setting or in one dialogue. I understood the business through a combination or training, reading other sources, and experience. Specially if you’re a new blood in Network Marketing, don’t worry, so am i, and all the more reason you have to understand this and learn this/. And once you do, trust me, you’ll realize, that you have no smarter and logical reason but to remained.

And there are more…But the article is getting long and know how most people recent long articles. 🙂 Well, i just hope i got my message clear. Network Marketing is great, and i can’t think of a reason why smart and equally wonderful people would let pass a wonderful opportunity like this.

More Power and God BLess!



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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." This site dedicated to the adventures i have been in this beautiful lifetime

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