Note: Please do not expect an award-winning article. Yes, i know the title can be overwhelming, but i am not a journalist by profession. I am a network marketer, with a heart of a writer, or so i’d like to say. 🙂

This topic is vast and i am, honestly, thinking and deciphering my thoughts where to best begin. Okay, how about we begin with a simple, “Good morning.” That’s usually how we begin all our business transactions in Network Marketing. At first i think it’s useless, just a gig to catch people’s attention, but later on, i realized it actually triggered something.

Because a simple word can do something, and even, a lot of things. It can inspire, cheer, motivate and even, bring us down. Even the strongest man find it hard to tolerate the nag of his wife, or a girl to the compliment from someone she secretly admires. Words can make you, or break you.

Me, i prefer words that can make someone feel a little less miserable. But sadly some people prefer to do the complete opposite, accidentally or purposely. And when that happens, i know. By the look in the eyes, to how she dress, how she smiles and how she answers my questions, i know something, was not right. And mostly it involves words she heard that put her spirit down.

I understand that not all people have the will to do Network Marketing, and that is perfectly fine because i have been there too. I was once skeptic and considered it a waste of energy, time and money. And i only joined when I’ve come to fully understood it and realized that everything i had in mind, mostly, were not correct.

But what i don’t appreciate , is the nature of people towards jealousy at other people’s’ optimism and new-found blessings. They say all sorts of discouragements and negative stuffs. And whether we like it or hate it to the deepest parts of our gut, we cannot stop people from saying them. True. But we sure as hell can avoid them.

Remember, the right words make a lot of difference. Make sure to spend your time listening to these and only these. The negative have no room in your ears, in your head and in your chest.

Because, they may be just be words, but sometimes, it really all it takes. So beware.


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"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." This site dedicated to the adventures i have been in this beautiful lifetime

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