Most people, curios and even smart as they are, most often than not, ask the wrong questions. Let me not enumerate because i prefer to write this article in the fewest words as much as possible. Thus, it would be useful if we go directly to the point.

Success. People want it, of course, even if they are too chicken to admit, but only few people actually “aced” it. And those who did not, sit on the bench with shoulders low and say, “How did they do that?” or “How did you win?” or “How did you ace the goal?” Or plainly speaking, “How did you succeed?”

Naturally, the winners would then sit beside the losers, pat their shoulders and narrate the steps on how they ‘did it’. But no matter how hard they narrate, explain, or detail out the steps, in the end of the day the losers execute, but ends up losing anyway.

Frustrating isn’t? Frustrating how some people can do things and achieve things other people can’t. They had the same training, marketing plan, products and perhaps even the same handsome, or pretty uplines guiding them but, why the difference? Why others win? And why others…simply don’t.

I learned this recently. Although i read about it and head about it often, it’s just last week that i understood it. People fail, not because they are incapable of success, but because in the first place, they asked the wrong question. “How to succeed?”

Jericho Mendoza, a most respected MLM networker not just in UNO but in the entire MLM industry and very good personality trainer, during one of his intensive training (Body and Soul) said, “One of the most crucial determinants of success, is not the how, but the why.”

And as i read, experience and listen to Top Earners’ success stories on how they got to where they are now, i understood that he, Jericho Mendoza, was completely right.

It’s not the HOW, but it’s all about WHY. In doing anything, not just in network marketing, you succeed simply because you know you have to. And how to succeed, merely follows.

Again, as i’ve said, i want to make this as short as possible. For all the UNO members in the entire world, especially to Team Vanguardz, know your “why” in doing the business and when you do, deepen it.

You are a tree. The roots are your WHY, and the fruits are your RESULTS. Make sure you strengthen and deepen your roots, so matter the challenges, rejections and failures, you will never fail, you will never quit, you will never stop. And you have NO CHOICE BUT TO SUCCEED!

More Power and to God Be the Glory!!!



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  1. So True and success lies in the why and not the money. All Glory To God!

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