The weekend was great. Team Vanguards Upline Prix, Upline Kitill, Upline Jayson and me (joannie) went to Balicasag Island mainly to distribute products and of course, enjoy the island as well.


The photo above shows upline Kitill, and Upline Prixx bored out of their lives waiting to hitch a ride to the island as there are no other means of transportation except if you choose to rent a boat which would cost P1,500. And we won’t rent a boat, our purpose is to sell, and spending P1,500 for a boat would mean the goodbye profit. πŸ™‚100_8802

So yes, we waited…for four hours!


We were extremely bored and impatient and hungry and tired. So we went to this boat and decided to paddle our way to the island, but decided against it since taking souvenir photos seemed more fun…:)



We screamed for the boatman but he said, P1,500 so we resumed the extra fun activity of taking each other’s pictures…

100_8793 100_8786

These photos were taken inside the jeepney. Commute is still the best way to travel. It’s just the waiting that i hate most. But aside from that, it’s all FUN!

Jeepney going to Panglao Island.

Jeepney going to Panglao Island.


Honestly, i had no idea what he is looking at.


And i have no idea what up Jayson is looking at either.


And i have no idea what this guy is doing, and I’m sure nor does he.

100_8811 100_8845

This is our kind boatman, whom, i forgot the name. But i salute how poised and cool he was despite the fact that the waves were soaking his passengers and the boat with a maximum capacity of 5, carried 10 persons and more.–Not his fault, we insisted and we badly needed a ride and we didn’t care about the waves. Now way. But of course, when the waves got tougher in the middle of the sea, we became silent and gulped our regrets away. πŸ™‚


That’s me and upline jayson. I told you the boat was small.


upline Kitill, “I think we are going to be alright.” πŸ™‚


Don’t worry, we didn’t leave him, this photo was taken before we were able to hitch a ride. And as you can see, upline Prixx wasn’t bored at all. Good for him. πŸ™‚


See, there he is. We left nobody behind.



The house above is where we spend the night. And below is the house where we had our breakfast and dinner.


And below is the photo of Dj, our personal tour guide. He was amazing and he seemed never to get tired. He toured us around the island. He was a wonderful tour guide, except for the fact that he mumbles and screams and jumps and runs to the point that he was way ahead of us most of the time. πŸ™‚



This wasn’t my first time in the island. This was my third or probably my fourth and amazingly, every visit felt like the first time. Balicasag is paradise. And IΒ pray for the continued prosperity of the people along with their majestic beauty of their natural resources.

We’re planning on going back next week. Yey!!!


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